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Bonviva Key Ring (additional item)  

Bonviva Key Ring (additional item)
Catalogue Number R/000918

Bonviva makes your life easier. Bonviva clients enjoy a free lost-key service with their choice of one or more numbered Bonviva key rings: 1 key ring for Silver clients, 3 key rings for Gold clients, 5 key rings for Platinum clients.

Easy, discreet and safe: Attach the key ring to your keys and whoever finds them can simply drop them in the nearest Swiss Post mailbox or give them to a clerk at the post office.

Swiss Post delivers your keys anonymously to Credit Suisse, and we send them to you right away by mail.

How you benefit:

  • Your keys are safe and your privacy is protected.
  • As a Credit Suisse client, you can always be sure that your address is up to date.
  • You receive this service as long as you are a Bonviva client.
  • It’s absolutely free (no expensive lock and key replacement costs).

Get your personal key ring today!

Delivery time: 4-5 days

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