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KÄRCHER "Compact Car & Home" High-pressure Cleaner new!  

Catalogue Number R/008474

Innovation has been part of the corporate culture at KÄRCHER since its founding in 1935. The engineer and inventor Alfred Kärcher searched for solutions to technical problems with ingenuity and drive. In 1950, with the creation of the first hot water high-pressure cleaner in Europe, the foundation was laid for the firm to develop into a manufacturer of cleaning technology.

Gentle care or powerful cleaning? Neither is a problem with the high-pressure cleaner "K2 Compact Car & Home." Afterwards there is nothing but cleanliness where dirt previously dominated.

In addition to its handy size, the "K2 Compact Car & Home" impresses with its full performance capability. The ideal dimensions ensure optimal mobility and allow space-saving storage.

Maximum pressure: 110 bar. Maximum flow rate 360 liter/hr. High-pressure hose (four meters) with a high-pressure gun, jet nozzle, and dirt blaster. Contents: car cleaning kit with wash brush, foam nozzle, and car shampoo (0.5 liters). Home kit with T 150 surface cleaner, patio & deck detergent (0.5 liters).

Material: plastic. Power consumption: 1,400 W. Dimensions: 48.8 x 29.4 x 28.6 cm. Weight: 8 kg. Color: yellow/black.

Delivery time: approx. 2 weeks

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